Spotted @ The Mixx

The Mixx, with locations adjacent to the Plaza Library and in the Power & Light District, is best known for its big salad bar, soups, and sandwiches, but I spotted a surprise the other day after having not visited in a few years:

VEGAN TREATS!  Along with the variety of non-vegan cupcakes and cookies near the cash register, there are also several vegan (and gluten free) cupcakes and cookies supplied by Be Free Bakers!  Grab your dessert next time you’re nearby and be sure to thank them.

While I think Succotash is a great spot, it can be a little tricky to navigate for vegans.  They have off-menu vegan pancakes, but you have to know to ask for them, and sometimes your server will hem and haw about whether the batter is ready and how long it will take.  There was a rumor they were going to introduce vegan sausage, and apparently they did, but it was there and gone rather quickly.  And what I wouldn’t give for them to have a tofu scramble option alongside all their egg dishes.

One thing they did have, last time I was in, was a vegan bean & barley burger.  I have to say, it was the most fall-y apart-y veggie burger I’ve ever had, but the constituent parts were pretty tasty.  

They’ve got a new menu debuting on May 16, and promise vegan options via their Facebook page, so this may not exist a few days from now but hopefully, whether it stays or goes, they’ll have some tasty options for us.

Waldo Pizza News

Commenter Simpsonnut78 gave us a heads up the other day that Waldo Pizza has brought in some new vegan goodies, and last night we had a chance to confirm.  They’re now carrying Yves vegan pepperoni, a super yummy vegan Italian sausage made by St. Louis’s Match Meat, and they even have vegan, gluten-free after dinner mints now.  

Welcome, Conveniently Natural!

Welcome, Conveniently Natural!

Another Giveaway!

StarLite Cuisine is stoked we’re stoked, and they’re offered another prize pack for our followers.  Add @vegankc on Twitter and we’ll randomly select one of our next 20 followers to receive a bundle of coupons, tshirt, and really fantastic insulated shopping tote from StarLite!