Good news, folks.  Succotash now admits to having vegan pancakes.  You may (or may not) know that they’ve served them for years, but never had them on the menu.  You had to know to ask, and occasionally would be told you really should have called first.  But no such worries now – you can get a vegan short stack or a short stack with a fruit gazpacho.  Bear in mind, if you’re familiar with their old pancakes, that these are not the dinner-plate sized beasts of yesterday.  The short stack is a normal pancake size, if there is such a thing, and you get three of them.  They’re much tastier than the old vegan pancakes, as well – there’s not a trace of the chalky egg-replacer flavor that I used to detect at breakfast time.

Hi! I will be traveling the beginning of Nov, flying into KC, then staying in Columbia, and making a trip to St. Louis as well… My last trip consisted of Starbucks Iced coffee & Subway veggie sandwiches… So, hopefully you could recommend some veg friendly spots? I’ll be mostly in Columbia, but flying in/out of KC… Thank you! :) -Sarah

Hi there!  

Sadly my very favorite vegan place in St. Louis closed not too long ago and I’m not up on all the options in that city.  There’s a great strip of Vietnamese restaurants on Grand there, and pretty much any kind of ethnic restaurant you could want so you can keep yourself fed on falafel or pasta or veggie stir frys or anything else.  There’s also a place called Black Bear Bakery that has some vegan goodies.  I think they’re on Cherokee.

As for Columbia, there’s a place downtown called International Cafe that has really fantastic falafel, and a juice place called Main Squeeze that has a number of different vegan wraps and sandwiches.  Uprise Bakery has some vegan goodies, and the internet tells me there’s a place called Cafe Berlin now that has some vegan brunch/breakfast options.

Kansas City has tons of options.  Depending on when you’re passing through, I’d recommend checking out FÜD on 18th Street – flavorful, filling, and completely vegan.  They have fantastic ice cream, great brunch options, yummy sandwiches, and more.  Mud Pie on 39th Street is an all-vegan coffee shop and bakery with lots of fantastic baked goods and they’re also started to serve lunch.  Eden Alley on Jefferson is another all-vegetarian place with many vegetarian options that is popular in town, and I always send people to Blue Koi on 39th Street (just down from Mud Pie) – it’s a noodle and dumpling shop with the tastiest veggie dumplings I’ve ever had.  Any of these places are worth the detour and getting to Columbia a little later rather than being stuck with another Subway sandwich!


Vegan treats at MCI? Who knew!  The blog has been quiet lately as I’ve had a long vacation out on the Carolina Coast, but I was excited to spot Alternative Baking Company cookies in one of the airport shops.  Of course, most of these shops have always carried bags of nuts and other workable snacks, but if you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter, keep your eyes open for these cookies, too.

Though it’s been open for years now, this month marked my first visit to Aladdin Cafe on 39th Street.  Many (most?) of the items on the menu can be served vegan, but the real standout was their delicious lentil soup.  When given a choice between soup and salad at a Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern restaurant, I always pick the salad.  Aladdin has made me rethink that choice, and I suspect I’ll be heading back their for their spicy, cozy soup now that the weather has turned chilly.