Proof! Joe’s Pizza Buy the Slice on Pennsylvania carries Daiya. They will happily (the vegan employee who pushed for it took our order and cheered!) hook you up with a yummy vegan pizza and/or their cheese-covered bread sticks.

Waldo Pizza treats people right.  Here are some high-quality iPhone photos of their separate vegan menu, giving us the dirt on all the possibilities.  

You probably already know that they’ve had vegan cheese for awhile (in addition to a non-vegan soy mozzarella for the merely lactose intolerate) – but now they have both Daiya and Follow Your Heart options.  I recommend the FYH for the pizza – and make sure they let it spend more time in the oven so it gets good and melty and caramelized around the edges.  The Daiya is great as a sub for dairy on their garlic cheese bread.  

And while only the cappuccino cupcake is listed on the menu, there have been other vegan cupcakes on past visits.

Special bonus: if you’re order the vegan/gluten-free crust, you can get it in a 6” pizza, whereas the regular menu’s smallest size is a 10” – leaving you plenty of room for a trip to the salad bar and a vegan cupcake as a chaser.