Beyond Meat Comes to the KC Area

Beyond Meat Comes to the KC Area

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, and for most of Kansas City that means canceling all plans for the day and heading out for the parade.  And even those who don’t make it to the parade end up spending their night on the hunt for green beer and good times.

Don’t forget that not all booze is vegan, despite being free of obvious meats and dairies – Guinness and many other beers are clarified with isinglass, a fish-based gelatin.  So if you want to stick to you vegan druthers, be sure to check out Barnivore to suss out your ethical options before heading out tomorrow night!

Have fun and be responsible, and if you find any great vegan Irish treats out in the wild, would you let us know?

Sorry for the radio science, folks – illness and a fabulous Hawaiian vacation have kept things shuttered around here for the last month.  I have visits to some new spots promising vegan options planned in the coming weeks, but in the meantime check out this article from Pitch’s Fat City blog, noting some Kansas City vegan restaurant history as well as some promises from Heidi Van Pelt-Bell about new outlets for Fud’s great food:

Vegan barbecue and other meatless news

Proof! Joe’s Pizza Buy the Slice on Pennsylvania carries Daiya. They will happily (the vegan employee who pushed for it took our order and cheered!) hook you up with a yummy vegan pizza and/or their cheese-covered bread sticks.