Proof! Joe’s Pizza Buy the Slice on Pennsylvania carries Daiya. They will happily (the vegan employee who pushed for it took our order and cheered!) hook you up with a yummy vegan pizza and/or their cheese-covered bread sticks.

Daiya at Joe’s Buy the Slice!  This Westport institution announced this week that it is now offering the ever-popular Daiya on its 14” pizzas.  Maybe we’ll luck out and be able to get it by the slice soon?

Waldo Pizza Update

Now with even more vegan meat substitutes!  It seems like every time we go to Waldo Pizza lately, there are new vegan goodies.  Last time, I reported news that they have new vegan pepperoni and sausage pizza toppings, as well as vegan after dinner mints.  Today we find out that there also have faux hamburger and chicken added to the list.  

Moral of the story?  Ask your server what they’re up to, and let them know it’s appreciated.

Waldo Pizza News

Commenter Simpsonnut78 gave us a heads up the other day that Waldo Pizza has brought in some new vegan goodies, and last night we had a chance to confirm.  They’re now carrying Yves vegan pepperoni, a super yummy vegan Italian sausage made by St. Louis’s Match Meat, and they even have vegan, gluten-free after dinner mints now.  

Waldo Pizza treats people right.  Here are some high-quality iPhone photos of their separate vegan menu, giving us the dirt on all the possibilities.  

You probably already know that they’ve had vegan cheese for awhile (in addition to a non-vegan soy mozzarella for the merely lactose intolerate) – but now they have both Daiya and Follow Your Heart options.  I recommend the FYH for the pizza – and make sure they let it spend more time in the oven so it gets good and melty and caramelized around the edges.  The Daiya is great as a sub for dairy on their garlic cheese bread.  

And while only the cappuccino cupcake is listed on the menu, there have been other vegan cupcakes on past visits.

Special bonus: if you’re order the vegan/gluten-free crust, you can get it in a 6” pizza, whereas the regular menu’s smallest size is a 10” – leaving you plenty of room for a trip to the salad bar and a vegan cupcake as a chaser.

More on Vegan Pizza Day

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate Vegan Pizza Day outside your own kitchen, The Foundry in Westport and Waldo Pizza are your best bets.  The Foundry’s Cheat Lovers includes vegan cheese and a yummy crumbled sausage; Waldo Pizza gives you a choice between Follow Your Heart and Daiya cheeses (we recommend Follow Your Heart and make sure they run it through the oven twice so it gets super melty and caramelized around the edges) and a long list of veggie toppings.

More on both of these vegan-friendly places soon.